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OSI Security Pty LtdOSI Security is an independent network and computer security auditing and consulting company based in Sydney, Australia. Our namesake is the OSI model which describes the abstraction layer of computing - from physical hardware, operating systems, networking, applications to the people and policies which operate the technology.

We provide vendor neutral and independent advice to corporate enterprise, financial services, state and federal government and not-for-profit organisations.

OSI Security offers a full range of security services that encompass the auditing process through to intensive penetration testing and design, consulting and comprehensive support.



We provide end to end, best of breed security consulting and solutions, architecture and design, configuration, 3rd party configuration review and emergency diagnosis and response for network outages, virus and worm outbreaks and other advanced diagnostics.

OSI Security is available to protect your organisation's assets, reputation, intellectual property and privacy.

The following chart information is based on actual penetration tests for our clients and the issues found. It provides insight into risks found within organisations.

Live Audit Statistics